Составить очень лёгкое сочинение про космос на английском

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Составить очень лёгкое сочинение про космос на английском

  • People have always dreamt of travelling in space and reaching other planets. At the beginning of the 20th century a famous Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky said that mankind will not live on planet Earth forever. His predictions came true half a century later, when the first artificial satellite was launched. It was on October 4, 1957. The satellite was called Sputnik-1. However, the most important event in space exploration took place in on April 12, 1961, when spaceship Vostok with a man on board was launched into space. This first man who overcame gravitation was Yuri Gagarin. After successful orbiting, he returned to the Earth. This flight encouraged many other Russian cosmonauts to explore the outer space. Among them, Titov, Nikolaev, Tereshkova, Leonov, Savitskaya and others. Today the 12th of April is celebrated by Russian people every year as the Cosmonautics Day in commemoration of the first space flight. Another important event is space exploration took place on July 20, 1969. It was the day when the American astronaut Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. In 1986 Russian space station Mir was launched. Today, Russia wants the space exploration to be based on broad international cooperation. Many international crews went up as well. Space exploration is quickly progressing and it seems that soon well be visiting other planets and even living on them. The 21st century may be the turning point. Next step is the first moonbase with scientists living in it. Other than that, people are planning to land on the nearest planet Mars soon to explore its surface.
  • Лишь недавно к нам пришло понимание, что мы, люди, состоим из тех же атомов и молекул, что и звзды и планеты, разница лишь в концентрациях и упорядочивании. Мы есть часть космоса, его продукт. Материя наших организмов будет ещ долго участвовать в кипящем котле космических событий и превращений, даже после нашей смерти.

    Космос наше будущее. Я верю, что история нашей цивилизации не закончится на замерзающей Земле рядом с угасающим Солнцем через несколько миллиардов лет. Обнаруженные планеты других звздных систем дарят надежду на спасение в будущем.
    Развитие космонавтики уже сегодня позволяет нам отрываться не только мыслями но и телом от Земли и лететь к ближайшим планетам. На Луне уже оставлены следы человеком, впереди Марс!

    Only recently to us the understanding came that we, people, consist of the same atoms and molecules, as stars and planets, a difference only in concentration and ordering. We are part of space, its product. The matter of our organisms will participate in the boiling copper of space events and transformations, even after our death for a long time.

    Space our future. I believe that the history of our civilization wont end on the freezing Earth near the dying-away Sun through some billions of years. The found planets of other star systems give hope for rescue in the future.
    Development of astronautics allows us to come off not only thoughts but also a body Earth already today and to fly to the next planets. On the Moon traces by the person, ahead Mars are already left!

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